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Nicki Minaj is making an autobiographical comedy series for ABC Family

The pilot's being filmed in New York City this winter

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj and ABC Family are working together on a scripted, biographical comedy series, one that's set in Queens during her '90s adolescence. According to Deadline, Minaj is going to executive produce and appear in the series, and its pilot is being filmed in New York City this winter with a likely series commitment. The series will focus on Minaj's immigrant family — she moved to Queens from Trinidad & Tobago when she was five — and her blooming talent, which was fostered by study at the city's famous LaGuardia High School.

The show won't constitute Minaj's first foray into the world of comedy. She's shown off her comedic chops in movies like The Other Woman and in her music videos, which are typically stuffed with alter-egos and visual gags. They're also inventive, focused, and distinct, qualities that'll serve her well as she makes the leap to producing an entire TV series. She's also found a solid partner in ABC Family, a network widely recognized for its commitment to diversity and progressive programming. Between this new show, her upcoming video game, and her existing movie and music projects, it's getting harder and harder to a find a cultural realm where Minaj isn't a significant presence.