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Google Maps now works on the Apple Watch

Google Maps now works on the Apple Watch

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If you're someone who opens Google Maps on your iPhone every day, you'll be glad to hear that getting directions on Apple Watch no longer requires using Apple's own app. Today Google rolled out an update for its iOS Maps app that adds a companion app for your wrist. And while choice is always good, Google seems to have put in a pretty minimal amount of effort for this first release. Driving directions require you to scroll or swipe down the list of turn-by-turn events , for instance, rather than moving through each turn as it comes up like Apple does.

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Google's put in the fundamentals; it'll display directions to your destination (with quick links for home and work) on your wrist. For users that are walking, Apple Maps vibrates the watch differently depending on whether you need to turn left or right at the next intersection; Google Maps doesn't yet seem to be offering that level of distinction yet, but with watchOS 2 now released, it could eventually implement a similar feature. The latest Google Maps update also makes it easier to compare ETAs across various methods of getting around, and Google also says you can now call businesses or get directions "directly from a list of places."