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Withings finally makes its entire product lineup compatible with Android

The Withings Aura will gain Spotify integration later this year

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The connected scales, motion cameras, sleep systems, and baby monitors from the health-conscious company Withings have worked exclusively with iOS devices, until today. Withings has made its entire product lineup available to Android users, bringing the remainder of its devices in line with its Activité smartwatches, which gained Android compatibility back in May.

Withings is also updating the Aura, its total sleep system, adding Spotify integration that will give users access to the 30 million song catalog (Spotify Premium users only however). The Withings Aura — which already has Nest integration to adjust the temperature to your optimal sleep settings — will use your musical tastes and aggregated data from Aura users around the world to recommend songs that will either help you wake up or fall asleep. Withings says Spotify integration will be "fully deployed" in Auras before the end of the year.

Consisting of a sleep sensor and an alarm clock, and coming in at $299, the Withings Aura can now be purchased individually as well. The connected alarm clock will retail for $189, and the sleep sensor will cost you $129, both of which are now available on Withings' website.