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Google has a new trick

Google 'fun facts' and get fun facts!

Google knows pretty much everything. It can tell you the lifespan of a goat, or the name of the actor who played Wolverine, or teach you how to do a flip on a trampoline, but previously you'd need to search for specific things to find out why your cat's poop was green. Not any more. In what seems to be a new feature for the search engine, when you type in "fun facts," you'll see a dynamic answer box that pulls random tidbits from the millions of websites that Google can search. Hit the "Ask Another Question" button at the bottom of the box — causing the query to switch to "I'm feeling curious" — and it'll automatically pull up an answer to another random question.

google fun facts

Past options for helpful and amusing Google searches include "I’m feeling wonderful" to see world wonders, "I’m feeling playful" to dig up fun games, "I’m feeling stellar" to see cool pictures of space, and "I’m feeling doodley" to see past Google doodles.

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