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Listen to synth mystic Oneohtrix Point Never's new single, 'I Bite Through It'

The Garden of Delete highlight is unhinged, visceral electro-rock

Daniel Lopatin is prepping the release of his eighth full-length as Oneohtrix Point Never, Garden of Delete, for November 13th. As part of an interview with Rolling Stone, Lopatin unveiled the record's first single, "I Bite Through It," which follows a series of three teasers called "drone," "gun," and "flame." "I want to make three-minute songs, self-contained," said Lopatin about the song, "kind of formally contrasting between what I regard as new electronic music that's interesting and my need to rage."

You can feel that contrast brought to life in "I Bite Through It," a song that veers back and forth between sections of serene glitch-folk and overbearing, distorted riffage like a manic-depressive motherboard. Its structure is conventional, but it doesn't have the relationship to melody or momentum you'd get from a normal rock song. It also doesn't sound much like anything Lopatin's done before. He's covered a ton of ground over the last decade, jumping from swirling drones and quasi-synth-pop to stuttering memory fragments. "I Bite Through It" is reason to believe that electronic music's foremost digital anthropologist still has sounds to explore.