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Samsung teases mysterious Galaxy View product for October

Samsung held an event in Berlin this afternoon to introduce the Gear S2 smartwatch, but it had one other thing to show, too... sort of. At the very end of the event, Samsung teased something called the Galaxy View, but it didn't really say what it is. The Galaxy View appears to be a brand new tablet from Samsung — likely a very big one designed for watching movies and TV shows. It even appears to have a built-in kickstand to prop it up for viewing. That said, Samsung kept the announcement mysterious enough that it's hard to say exactly what we're seeing. Galaxy View could be an accessory. Or it could be a new feature. Whatever it is, we're supposed to find out in October.

Then again, if Samsung continues to tease out the Galaxy View the same way that it teased out the Gear S2 — the last product that it surprise-announced at the end of a press conference — we'll know a whole lot more within, like, five hours.