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Wacky image creation tool Byte is now available on iOS

Wacky image creation tool Byte is now available on iOS


Byte's a trip

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Earlier this year, we reported that Dom Hofmann, co-founder of Vine, was launching another creative tool called Byte. If Vine inspires creativity by adding a time limit, Byte does so by getting rid of any limits at all. Previously in private beta, Byte is officially live starting today.

Users start with a blank screen and can add images, text, GIFs, and music, then share their Byte with other users. Byte encourages collaboration, and will let you remix another person's Byte by adding your own images or removing some of their text.

Byte is like Vine and Instagram on acid

Possibly my favorite of Byte’s tools, though, is the app launcher. Byte lets you pull in content from a variety of different apps. Some are obvious — Weather lets you add the weather of any location, Imgur lets you pull in images from Imgur. But there’s also Bitcoin, which lets you add in the current price of the virtual currency, Text2SparkLee, which makes any text you type ~glitter~, and Florida Man, which will insert a tabloid-esque headline such as "Florida man tries to sell live shark outside supermarket."


Each Byte will now have its own customizable url, so you can share your creations (and others' creations) anywhere you want, but only users who already have Byte will be able to open the link. You can download Byte for iOS for free starting today, or install the Byte OS X to view Bytes on your Mac.