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All your favorite characters walk in the club like

All your favorite characters walk in the club like

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I took a college class on avant-garde filmmaking — let's not dwell on the economic value of my decisions as a young adult, okay, thank you — and each week the professor would roll a television into the class room, unsheathe a VHS tape from its musky packaging, press play, and blow our damn minds out the back of our heads, all over the person sitting behind us and onto the wall behind them. This was before YouTube, when the best way to see Un Chien Andalou was at a repertory screening or in a university library. I loved that class, and I love how now I come to work and see weird experimental films as part of my daily duties.

I'm still parsing HELL'S CLUB, published by Antonio Maria Da Silva on AMDSFILMS' YouTube page. The 10-minute experimental short mashes together club scenes from a bundle of popular films, so that the Terminator, Blade, John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, Jim Carrey in The Mask, Robocop, Michael Jackson, Tony Montana, Tom Cruise in Collateral, and plenty of other icons go head to head in rounds of gunplay, staring competitions, and dance-offs. It's beautiful, surreal, and so well-made that I struggle to see the seams. Not that you should bother looking for them.

I don't know the point, but I rarely knew the point of the experimental films I watched back in the day. I just experienced them — a fine way to watch this.