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Philips' new 4K TV transforms your living room into one huge screen

Philips' new 4K TV transforms your living room into one huge screen


A 65-inch TV with 10 projectors

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Philips made a splash at last year's IFA conference when it showed off a television set with embedded, handheld projectors that could take an image onscreen and extend it to the wall behind the set. The visual trick is intended to create a more immersive viewing experience as the picture pours off the screen. Now a variation of Philips' Ambilight technology, which it calls "Ambilight projection," is making its way to a new 65-inch AmbiLux 4K TV due out later this year.

The Dutch lighting and technology giant debuted the TV at the IFA conference in Germany today, though it did not specify a price tag. It will be available in the fourth quarter of this year in Russia, Germany, and other European countries. Powering the TV will be Google's Android TV software, meaning those eager to plunk down what we assume will be be an unsettling amount of cash for the device will have access to Netflix, Hulu, and all the other TV-centric offerings of the Google Play Store.

Can it get any more immersive?

The TV has a few different modes for tapping into the 10 LED-powered pico projectors (instead of Ambilight's traditional LEDs) affixed to the rear panel. For music listening, the lights will match the dynamics of the music, allowing them to move and react and change color whether you're listening to Spotify or a cable music channel. It's also capable of tapping into Philips' Hue Smart Lighting system, which lets you the control the brightness and color of Wi-Fi-connected bulbs placed around the room with your smartphone.