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Nook's newest life-form is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Nook's newest life-form is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2


Not quite sure why you'd need a Nook-branded Tab S2, but here you go

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Last year Samsung became Barnes & Noble's first official tablet partner for Nook, rolling out a Nook-branded tab that was, essentially, the Galaxy Tab 4, customized with some Nook e-reading software.

Surprise! There's a new Nook out today, and it is in the form of a Galaxy Tab S2 tablet that has access to the Nook bookstore.

That's not necessarily a bad thing: the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook is the thinnest tablet on the market, has a really nice display, runs on a fast processor and now has a 4:3 aspect ratio, which is optimal for reading. (Check out our full review of the new Tab S2 here.)

On the flipside, if you were just looking for a simple e-reader, the Tab S2 Nook wouldn't be your first choice due to price: The tablet costs $399. Also, Nook is available as an iOS or Android app that can run on...well, any other iOS or Android device.

The Tab S2 Nook does include a few free books and magazines with it, though, along with a $5 credit to the Nook Store.