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Mass Effect is becoming a 4D theme park attraction in California

Star Wars isn't the only galaxy-spanning sci-fi series to be getting its own theme park experience. Video game developer BioWare announced last night that Mass Effect, its epic space opera RPG trilogy, would become the inspiration for an upcoming attraction at California's Great America park. The theme park says the attraction will feature settings and character from the Mass Effect video games, and will mix special effects, live performances, and "4D" effects as guests "travel through awe-inspiring landscapes, face off against bigger than life adversaries and ultimately help save the day."

It's not clear yet exactly what the ride will entail, but if other "4D" experiences are any indication, visitors can expect to be splashed in the face with some kind of liquid during the experience. To really capture the sensations of the Mass Effect games, you can imagine that liquid is water, medi-gel, or arterial blood spray from some hapless alien you've just eviscerated with your glowing orange omni-tool knife. The attraction is due to open in 2016 — the same year that BioWare is expected to release the next game in the Mass Effect series.