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Watch Elon Musk launch Tesla's Model X

Tesla introduced its next electric car — the Model X — a few hours ago on a stage in California. Ever the showman, Tesla boss Elon Musk presented the new vehicle himself, talking the assorted journalists in the crowd through its features, and presenting the first buyers of the Model X with their pre-ordered vehicles live on stage. The whole event was live-streamed and recorded for posterity, meaning you even if you were asleep for the show, you can now watch the moment Tesla's next creation wheeled out onto the stage and get a closer look at the Model X itself.

The Model X is something of a crossover vehicle, an over-engineered version of Tesla's Model S that's capable of getting from 0 to 60 miles per hour as fast as a Porsche 911 Turbo, and is blessed with "falcon-wing" doors that make it look like a car from the future. Tesla has just updated its website with details of the seven-seater electric SUV, but it's not yet made it easy to actually buy a Model X — people who want to get their hands on the car will need to put down a $5,000 payment to reserve one from Tesla's online store.