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Xbox One update will help me dominate Destiny’s Court of Oryx

Xbox One update will help me dominate Destiny’s Court of Oryx


12 people can now join a party chat

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Microsoft's party chat system on Xbox One has always been limited to eight people, preventing you from playing FIFA online with a full team or truly battling it out in Battlefield. I've been playing a lot of Destiny recently, and the limit of eight people has become a problem. Destiny has a limit of three people per fireteam in public spaces. You can get around it by using party chat and inviting randoms in to help bump your group size and take on enemies.

Party chat limit gets bumped

However, If you want to invite strangers to help you defeat all three tiers of the Court of Oryx then you can't have all nine people squeeze into a single chat, leaving one person sat in silence. How am I supposed to use an antiquated rune and deal maximum DPS to Thalnok, Fanatic of Crota if I can only speak to seven and not eight friends?! I've always wanted an increase in the party limit, and Microsoft is now updating a server-side component of the party chat service to allow up to 12 people to join a single chat instance.

The update will go live later today for all Xbox One owners, alongside improvements to party chat in the new Windows 10-powered Xbox One preview. I'll be able to defeat the new Tier 3 boss of Destiny's Court of Oryx each week now, and feel safe in the knowledge that everyone can join the party and not be left out. Now Microsoft just needs to fix its party chat system that was supposed to be fixed two years ago. It still constantly crashes and disconnects, but I have a feeling that won't improve until the Windows 10 update in November.

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