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Microsoft's flagship New York City store opens its doors on October 26th

Microsoft's flagship New York City store opens its doors on October 26th


Just in time for some new hardware

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Microsoft is opening its first flagship store in New York City later next month. Located just a few blocks away from Apple's iconic cube on Fifth Avenue, Microsoft's new retail location will replace an old Fendi store at 677 Fifth Avenue and serve as the company's first full retail store in Manhattan. "These flagship stores have been in the making for six years," explains David Porter, Microsoft's head of retail and online stores. "We are eager to open our doors to those in Manhattan. The five-floor, 22,269 square foot location will be a premier venue to learn about, experience and shop for the products and services from Microsoft and our partners."

Three years since the original Surface

Microsoft's New York City store will open its doors at noon ET on October 26th, marking exactly three years since the software giant launched its Surface line of tablets. Back in 2012, Microsoft held a special launch event in New York City's Times Square with a temporary store to sell Surface RT devices. Microsoft is now planning a special hardware event in New York City next week to unveil new Lumia phones, a Surface Pro 4, and a Microsoft Band 2. Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans tell The Verge that these devices will all be available to try in Microsoft's flagship New York City store on opening day.

Alongside the Manhattan store, Microsoft is also opening another flagship location in Sydney, Australia. Microsoft's new Australian store will open at noon AET on November 12th at Westfield Sydney on Pitt Street Mall. Both stores will include an Answer Desk (Microsoft's equivalent to Apple's Genius Bar), a community theater, and video walls throughout. It's not clear exactly what makes these the first "flagship" ones, but if Microsoft has been planning them for six years then October 26th is going to be a big deal.