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LG announces the first Android Wear smartwatch with LTE

LG announces the first Android Wear smartwatch with LTE


The Watch Urbane 2nd Edition also features a high-resolution display and GPS

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LG is announcing a new version of the Watch Urbane, the chunky Android Wear device it released this spring. The new version puts an ever so slightly bigger screen inside of a slightly smaller body. It's able to do that by building some of the watch's tech into its bands, which are no longer swappable. It's inside one of those bands that you'll find the most interesting addition to this model: a cellular radio. That makes it the first Android Wear watch to include cellular connectivity and LTE — though certainly not the first smartwatch to have those features.

More details to come

Because it has a data connection, you should be able to fully use this watch without keeping it connected to a phone, which is certainly an advantage. You can also receive phone calls on it, which is certainly a thing you could, if you really, really wanted, choose to do. LG has also added a button above and below the Urbane's main button to provide quick access to certain features of the watch. In addition, the new Urbane has a higher-resolution, 348PPI display and built-in GPS for location tracking.

There's no information on pricing or release date just yet, so it sounds like the Watch Urbane's second edition won't be arriving imminently. But we should know at least a few more details about the watch soon. LG is holding an event in New York tomorrow morning, and it appears that the Watch Urbane will be among the new products shown off.