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Adidas-owned Runtastic has made an activity-tracking wristwatch

Adidas-owned Runtastic has made an activity-tracking wristwatch


Activity-tracking analog watches are having a Moment

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Runtastic, maker of a health-and-fitness mobile app that was recently acquired by apparel giant Adidas, has just launched a new analog wristwatch that doubles as an activity tracker, called the Runtastic Moment.

Steps & Distance, Active Minutes,
Calories Burned, Sleep Cycles and Goals

The Runtastic Moment watch, like almost every other wrist-wearable with a certain combination of sensors, tracks steps, active minutes, calories burned and sleep cycles. But, unlike some others, it's waterproof up to 300 feet, which means it can be worn during swimming. It doesn't exactly track swimming yet - but in the future, Runtastic says, it may be able to track swim strokes.

Another selling point for this style of activity-tracking watch is its battery life. Runtastic estimates that the watch should last for about 6 months on a standard coin battery.

It pairs wirelessly over Bluetooth to share data with a Runtastic app for iPhone and Android.

There are two price tiers for the Runtastic Moment. The "Fun" and "Basic" versions of the watch have a stainless steel case, a silicon strap and ship for $130, the only difference being that the unfortunately-named Basic has a slightly larger watch face. The Elite Moment and the Moment Classic both cost $180; the former ships with a black leather band, and the latter is available in silver, gold and rose gold casing.

Runtastic estimates that the watch should last for about 6 months on a standard coin battery

It's not Runtastic's first hardware product; the company previously made the Orbit, a $119, 24/7 activity-tracker with a sharp OLED display. A new Orbit is expected out later this year, and will include heart-rate tracking, the company said.

Nor is the Runtastic Moment the only analog wristwatch that includes some element of activity-tracking and pairs wirelessly with a mobile app. The Withings Activite, a $450 Swiss-made watch, and Withings Pop, its less expensive non-Swiss counterpart, are both strikingly similar in design. Both the Runtastic Moment and the Withings models have round, clean-looking traditional watch faces, with smaller dials that indicate how much you've moved throughout the day.

Runtastic was acquired by Adidas last month for $240 million, and has said it would "remain its own entity" within Adidas Group.