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Monster's selfie case is a monster fail

Monster's selfie case is a monster fail

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Monster unveiled a selfie case at IFA in Berlin this morning as if it was a new product. The company actually launched it a few months ago, but that didn't stop it from claiming it was the biggest announcement at IFA. Monster hyped up its selfie case as if it had solved some type of problem that regular selfies and selfie-sticks can’t solve, but during a presentation it was nothing but a monster fail. A demo left an iPhone tumbling towards the floor as the selfie case failed to stick to a TV properly.

Demo aside, I’m not sure why you’d ever want a selfie case like this. You’re trusting your phone to stick to a surface where it can easily crash to the floor, just to get a selfie at a weird angle. Monster’s demo proved that, and just having this case on your phone makes it feel a little sticky thanks to the rubbery texture. It literally sounds like it’s peeling off a table when you pick it up. I’ve tested it on glass and it certainly holds better than Monster’s TV demo, but I’ll never trust my phone hanging on randomly just to get a selfie.

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Straight outta Monster

Monster is marketing this selfie case at couples who spend a lot of time in their bedrooms taking sexy photos, judging by the company’s promotional materials. Monster CEO Noel Lee appeared on stage in Berlin this morning alongside a selfie case ad, and a "straight outta Monster" poster featuring Dr. Dre. That wasn't the only weird part of the press event, though. A single employee cheered from the rear, Lee demonstrated pink "lady tech" headphones by handing them to what he called "a pretty lady" in the audience, and mixed with other remarks it all just generated a lot of awkwardness in the room. It really highlighted where Monster is today: stuck between its past successes and a future of trying to reignite its brand through weird stunts.