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We’ll be live from Microsoft’s Windows 10 hardware event today

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Microsoft launched its Windows 10 operating system just over a month ago. At IFA in Berlin this week we're starting to see the first PCs shipping with Windows 10, and a closer look at what's coming later this year. Microsoft is holding its own press event in Berlin today to highlight new hardware running Windows 10. Entitled "Windows 10 lights up new devices," we're expecting to see a host of new PCs and laptops that have been announced this week, and maybe some surprises.

There could be some surprises

Intel revealed an "unannounced HP tablet" during its press event earlier this week, strongly hinting that it would be officially announced soon. Microsoft's event seems like a natural place for HP to unveil a new Windows 10-powered tablet, and other OEMs might be holding back some surprise devices marked for later this year or 2016. We even saw the first Windows 10 Mobile device with Continuum support earlier this week, thanks to Acer. It's possible this event could highlight some additional Windows 10 Mobile handsets coming from other phone makers with Continuum.

Follow along: Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware event live blog

Either way, we'll be live blogging at 9AM ET / 6AM PT to bring you the latest news on Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware lineup, so tune into our live blog later today for all the details.

Live coverage times across the world:

  • 06:00AM  Pacific
  • 07:00AM€” Mountain
  • 08:00AM€” Central
  • 09:00AM Eastern
  • 02:00PM€” London
  • 03:00PM Paris
  • 04:00PM€” Moscow
  • 09:00PM€” Hong Kong
  • 10:00PM€” Tokyo
  • 11:00PM€” Sydney
  • Follow along: Microsoft's Windows 10 hardware event live blog

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