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The Nexus 6 is now the cheapest it's ever been

The Nexus 6 is now the cheapest it's ever been

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The massive but well-received Nexus 6 has up until now been a strange choice for the average consumer. While, unlike previous phones in the Nexus range, it had the support of the major carriers, it definitely wasn't cheap. Costing $649 off contract at launch definitely put it out of reach for anyone other than enthusiasts. But, with new Nexus devices on the way, the Nexus 6 is finally the cheap phone fans wanted it to be.

Amazon currently lists the Nexus 6 as starting at $349.99, down from the previous price of $499. That also makes it $50 cheaper than Motorola's new Moto X Pure Edition. That's not a bad deal, and should be attractive since the 6 is still a strong performer despite it being last year's tech. The reasoning is pretty clear: Google plans on unveiling two new Nexus phones from Huawei and LG in a matter of weeks. Slashing the price on last year's flagship gives it one more chance to shine.