New trailers: Concussion, Beasts of No Nation, The Daily Show, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


We're one week out of summer movie season, and suddenly all of the superheroes and action stars have disappeared. It's a really nice change of pace! Now trailers are rolling out for thrillers and serious dramas, and a lot of them look really good. Head below to see 13 of the best trailers that came out this week.


Concussion could be a harrowing look at the damage done to NFL players' brains and the NFL's troubling choice to ignore it... or it could be a watered down version of that story to make sure that no one gets too upset. It's too soon to tell, but this trailer makes it seem like Concussion is shooting for the former. Also: how weird is it to see Will Smith be so stoic and sad; also also: it's still very hard to separate serious Alec Baldwin from 30 Rock Alec Baldwin. The film comes out on Christmas Day, so go see this if you want to upset your entire family.

Beasts of No Nation

Netflix's first movie comes out in just over a month, and it looks like it's going to be a good one. Beasts of No Nation follows a child in West Africa who's forced to become a soldier after being split from his family. Between director Cary Fukunaga — of True Detective season one — and Idris Elba — the world's prediction for the next James Bond — there's a whole lot to like in here. It premieres on October 16th.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Three more weeks. The Daily Show returns on September 28th, and Comedy Central has been letting out little teasers to preview the show's new sensibilities and style until then. So far, it's hard to say that a lot has changed — aside from that music, at least. For now, we're hoping it's just a placeholder.

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey's sixth and final season is about to begin. A first trailer for it premiered this week, ahead of the series' return to ITV on September 20th. It'll come to PBS several months later, on January 6th of next year.

Hand of God

Hand of God was among Amazon's standouts when its pilot premiered last year. The episode certainly had its problems, but it was hard not to want to see more of a half-crazed Ron Perlman doing whatever the hell he wanted. Now, we're finally getting to. Hand of God's first season premieres today on Amazon Video — it should give you plenty to do over the long weekend.

The Shannara Chronicles

If you watched the VMAs last weekend, you probably caught a first look at MTV's new fantasy series, The Shannara Chronicles. Pretty much everything that can possibly happen in a fantasy show appears to happen here, and somehow Jon Favreau is involved. But hey, it seems like a surprisingly epic series for MTV — and it's almost certainly going for the Game of Thrones crowd that can't get enough. It starts in January.


Am I too excited for a Macbeth adaptation? Seriously, just watch 30 seconds of this: Michael Fassbender! Marion Cotillard! Those insane insane insane landscapes! I'm sold. It's out December 4th.

The Danish Girl

This one could get a lot of attention: The Danish Girl comes from the director of The King's Speech and is about a painter beginning a public life as a trans woman. The film looks absolutely gorgeous, and, at least in this trailer, Eddie Redmayne seems to be doing a wonderful job as its star. It'll be out November 27th.

The Lobster

I really don't want to spoil anything in here because it's just so bizarre and wonderful. It involves Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, weird romance, and turning into animals. It's out October 16th in the UK.

The New Girlfriend

Here's a trailer for a thriller that actually feels thrilling. I have no idea what's going on in The New Girlfriend, but whatever it is seems tense, sexual, and secretive. It opens September 18th.

Fixing The System

In July, Barack Obama became the first sitting president to visit a prison, and Vice and HBO were there to document it. Their report, Fixing The System, has Obama sitting down with Vice founder Shane Smith to discuss the issue of mass incarceration and America's problematic war on drugs. It'll air September 27th on HBO.

A Faster Horse

The director of Jiro Dreams of Sushi has a new documentary coming out. A Faster Horse goes inside Ford to look at the creation of the Mustang, its current role in the company, and the impact it's had on car fans and American culture. Even if you're not into cars, this seems like it could be an interesting one. It'll be available to rent on Vimeo starting October 9th.

The Gamechangers

I get the impression that Daniel Radcliffe wants to have the same kind of career as James Franco, but he keeps getting involved in projects that are crazy but serious, rather than just crazy. So it's just as a matter of course that Radcliffe is now playing one of the masterminds behind Grand Theft Auto in a movie for the BBC. It's hard to tell exactly how this is going to turn out, but it seems safe to guess this won't be the next Social Network. It premieres September 15th.

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