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Twitter adds 'who to follow' recommendations to timeline on Android and iOS

Twitter's main timeline is getting a bit more cluttered on smartphones. Today the company added a "Who to follow" feature on iOS that links to other users Twitter thinks you'd be interesting in keeping up with. Obviously Twitter has always tried to surface accounts it thinks are a good match for your own 140-character missives, but now it's right in the central timeline.

Combined with the "While you were away" function that aggregates popular tweets since you last opened the app, you might have to do a bit more swiping to get to your live, updating timeline. The "Who to follow" section stays inline as you scroll, so it's not too obnoxious. Twitter notes that if it by chance recommends you follow someone who's dead, you should probably contact the company's support team. Aside from using your own history and uploaded contacts to help choose follow-worthy accounts, Twitter says promoted accounts (read: brands) may also show up in this section. But just like "While you were away," you can close the entire thing by tapping the X symbol.