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It’s simple: Idris Elba has the James Bond look

It’s simple: Idris Elba has the James Bond look


If looks could kill

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You wanna know why Idris Elba would make the perfect James Bond? It's not the acting chops or the iconic roles. It's not the Golden Globe or magazine covers. It's not his being painfully aware of the effect he has on women. It's the look. He has the look of a suave gentleman, one who could go from holding a gin martini (shaken, not stirred) to a Walther PPK with ease. One who could coolly kill for Queen and country without a second thought. That's the essence of James Bond.

Bond author Anthony Horowitz said his piece earlier this week, suggesting that Elba wasn't quite right for the role. He was wrong. But rather than dredge all that up again, we thought we'd show you. The Verge director Hadaya Turner created this short video that shows that, if looks could truly kill, Idris Elba would have earned the license long ago.