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New Skype beta integrates directly into Windows 10 Mobile

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Microsoft is letting users take the new Windows 10 Mobile version of Skype for a spin. A beta of Skype's newly separated Messaging and Video apps are now available to download if you're running a preview build of Windows 10 Mobile.

The apps represent Microsoft's new approach with Skype. The company wants to use Skype as the backbone for a seamless communication experience across all kinds of devices — especially those running Windows 10.

skype windows 10 mobile universal

Instead of one bundled Skype app, the Skype Messaging app released today is designed to replace Windows 10 Mobile's default SMS app. With it, you can easily switch between SMS or Skype chat, much like Apple's iMessage service. The new Skype Video app, meanwhile, serves as a single destination for video chats, like Facetime on Apple devices. According to the app's description, standard Skype voice calls are also integrated into the built-in phone app.

It's unclear if Microsoft intended to release these beta apps to the public (there was no official announcement), but for now, the accompanying full Windows 10 apps are not available to download. Skype will ultimately be a universal app that runs across all Windows 10 devices. On the PC, like on mobile, Microsoft intends to integrate messaging and other features directly into the OS. An update expected later this year should bring the new Skype functionality to Windows 10.