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Metal Gear Solid V is the best cardboard box simulator on the market

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with international espionage knows that a cardboard box is an indispensable tool in any spy's inventory. For some reason, though, many video games ignore this, but not Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. As YouTube videos of the recently released game have shown, you may as well just ignore The Phantom Pain's typically labyrinthine plot and just have fun mucking about in a box. You can try popping out of the box, watch your box gradually deform in the rain, or just find the nearest hill and go box tobogganing. As with previous Metal Gear titles you can, of course, use the box as an infiltration tool, sneaking past enemies in it or confusing them by putting pictures of saluting soldiers or bikini-clad models on the side. It's weird you don't see this stuff in James Bond movies.