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Hear bad space-bat Oryx speak in new Destiny: The Taken King trailer

Hear bad space-bat Oryx speak in new Destiny: The Taken King trailer

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We're one week away from the launch of The Taken King, the third and largest expansion so far for multi-million dollar shooter Destiny, and the trailers are coming thick and fast. Although Bungie have been good about showing fans what to expect from The Taken King, holding lengthy live stream sessions to show off new levels, weapons, and playable classes, this latest clip features no actual in-game footage.

There's no in-game footage here

Instead, we get to catch up with the story leading into Destiny's "Year 2." Star of the show is the demonic Oryx, striding around with leathery wings and a funky black miasma that swirls around his massive form, leading a group of ghostly new "Taken" enemies. Unlike most Destiny villains, who tend to scream unintelligible nonsense at players, Oryx actually talks. Don't expect him to be offering pleasantries though — players have spent the last nine months killing his son, Crota, over and over again, after he arrived in Destiny's first expansion pack, The Dark Below.

Long-time players will also welcome the return of Eris Morn, the three-eyed hunter with the most melodramatic voice acting in the game, and Mara Sov, queen of the blue-skinned Awoken race, whose story has been thin so far. Less celebrated will be her brother, who sports the stupidest hair in the galaxy, and appears screaming in the cockpit of a starfighter in this latest trailer.