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eBay releases new redesigned apps for iOS and Android

eBay releases new redesigned apps for iOS and Android

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eBay's mobile apps are getting a brand new coat of paint. The new eBay 4.0, which hit iOS and Android this morning, is a major new upgrade for the online marketplace, offering a greatly simplified UI and a more customized overall experience for the site's seller.

Like a browsable storefront

The new 4.0 release is immediately a more user-friendly, image-centric design than previous iterations, making the app more like a browsable storefront than ever. The interface is broken into three categories — Activity, Shop, and Sell — that allow users to keep track of the auctions, promotions, and even events that interest them. The app also customizes itself to individual behavior, surfacing the last or most important activity of the user right when it opens and also providing a dashboard for regular sellers to keep track of updates.

Significantly, the app UI is unified across both iOS and Android, making for an experience that's consistent on both major platforms. However, eBay does plan on building new features into the app that will work with the upcoming release of iOS 9. eBay 4.0 is available now.