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Microsoft turns to Dell and HP to help get Surface into the office

Microsoft turns to Dell and HP to help get Surface into the office

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Microsoft is trying to get the Surface Pro into more offices. To do that, it's starting a partnership with Dell that'll have Dell selling Surface Pro tablets and offering business services, like device setup and support, alongside them. The partnership should allow businesses that are already using Dell and its services to begin considering the Surface Pro when looking for new PCs; it would also have the effect of moving businesses over to Windows 10, which is arguably more important for Microsoft than selling tablets. Sales will begin in October, which suggests that the partnership may kick off with the launch of the Surface Pro 4.

HP and others will join the Surface enterprise push later

Though sales don't start for a month, Microsoft seems to have announced this partnership today for good reason. Tomorrow, Apple is expected to unveil the iPad Pro, which will very likely be its answer to the Surface. Likewise, Apple has been partnering with other companies to offer enterprise services and apps for the iPad in an attempt to get its own tablets into more businesses. Microsoft's new venture appears to be accomplishing something similar: bundling hardware with professional services that'll make businesses able to adopt it.

Microsoft's partnership with Dell is just the beginning of a much bigger plan for the Surface Pro. It's calling this program the "Surface Enterprise Initiative," and HP, Accenture, and Avanade will also be joining it. Though Microsoft doesn't offer any detail, it's likely that those companies will also begin offering the Surface alongside enterprise services. Those services don't necessarily have to be anything out of the ordinary, either: Dell says that its services include a hardware warranty, accidental damage coverage, configuration, deployment, and support.

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