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Amazon will now deliver fresh tacos, satay, and baba ganoush from local Seattle restaurants

Amazon Prime Now customers in Seattle can now use their membership to order food from local restaurants, the company announced today. Members can use the Prime Now app to order and track their food delivery from participating restaurants like Wild Ginger, Re:public, Café Yumm!, and Mamnoon.

Amazon has nibbled around the edges of food services and innovative home delivery in the past. Previously, the Amazon Local app let users in Seattle order food, but only if they picked it up. Just a couple of weeks ago, Amazon also began letting Prime Now customers in Seattle order alcohol, a service that customers in New York and London have been enjoying for months. With the launch of food delivery, Seattle residents will be free to order tacos to go with that six pack of beer. Although, as Amazon customers likely know, two orders could very well be considered separate, and not arrive at the same time.

Your order will be delivered within one hour, with no delivery fee

This is the first time Amazon is directly entering the food delivery business, a move that pits it against established food delivery services like Postmates, Munchery, GrubHub, and even Uber.

Currently, Prime Now customers have access to free two-hour deliveries, but must pay $7.99 for one-hour deliveries. For the new restaurant delivery service though, Amazon guarantees that the food will be delivered within one hour, with no delivery fee — at least for the time being. Amazon also pledges that there are "no menu markups or hidden service fees." Prime Now food delivery will only be available in a few zip codes in Seattle, and will be rolled out slowly. Members can enter their zip code in the Prime Now app to see if restaurant delivery is available in their area. In zip codes where restaurant delivery is available, customers will immediately see a list of participating restaurants on the home page.