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Pandora will sell you one day of ad-free music streaming for 99 cents

Pandora will sell you one day of ad-free music streaming for 99 cents

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Are Pandora's audio ads ruining the flow of your party playlist? Starting this week, the company is giving its users an easy way to get rid of them for 24 hours. Give Pandora 99 cents and you'll be granted a One Day Pass that removes all advertising spots for a whole day — across any and all devices that you listen to the service with.

If you're not bothered by the ads enough to pay for Pandora's $4.99 monthly subscription, this could prove convenient for certain occasions when you'd prefer to avoid interruptions. If you envision multiple uses for it, paying for Pandora One is probably a smarter idea. The One Day Pass also increases the number of skips you get when listening to Pandora stations, so it does offer slightly more than just ad-free listening.

Pandora will launch the One Day Pass starting September 10th. But first comes tomorrow's Listener Love Day, which will offer a full 24 hours of ad-free music — even if you're not paying Pandora anything — in celebration of the product's 10th anniversary. As Spotify and Apple Music try to evolve what a music service should be, Pandora has largely stuck to its personalized stations and offered up little else. But that simplicity is probably why millions of people still open the app every day. Listener Love Day runs from 12AM ET Wednesday through 12AM ET Thursday.