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Twitter for Windows 10 catches up with group messages and other new features

Twitter's mobile apps have had this stuff for months

Twitter for Windows has been a perfect example of Microsoft's app problems; sure, the app exists, but it has fallen far behind Twitter's smartphone apps in terms of features and functionality. Today, Twitter for Windows is taking a much-needed step forward and adding group messaging, multi-account support, lists, and other improvements.

Twitter for Windows

There's a new Happening Now section (pictured at top) which should keep you up on whatever's trending at all times. You can also now quote tweets in the same format that's become standard across Twitter's other apps, and Twitter for Windows 10 will automatically save your incomplete tweets as drafts so you can quickly bring them up later. Sure, this all sounds like basic stuff if you've been using Twitter solely on a smartphone, but it points to just how bad things had gotten for the Windows incarnation — at least before today. Twitter could still make better use of all the space you get viewing the app on a PC, but at least they're putting some work in.