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Comedy Central is making shows for Snapchat, including one called Swag-A-Saurus

For explaining confounding slang to hordes of millennials

Comedy Central has decided to launch a bunch of new original shows on Snapchat, including a slang-translation bit called Swag-A-Saurus. The show will live on Snapchat's Discover media hub and star comedian James Davis as he explains slang words and phrases in pithy 10-second clips full of expressive jump cuts and on-screen definitions. Comedy Central says it plans to launch four more shows featuring comedians Nikki Glaser, Liza Treyger, Yassir Lester, and Michelle Wolf, but did not disclose premiere dates for the other programs.

The first episode of Swag-A-Saurus has Davis demystifying "Bye Felicia," a memetic phrase born from the 1996 Ice Cube and Chris Tucker classic Friday used to dismiss an annoying or unnecessary person. Swag-A-Saurus plans to tackle other colloquial head-scratchers like "Trap Queen" and "Looking Friday" in future episodes. Swag-A-Saurus marks a departure from how the Viacom-owned network has been using Snapchat Discover in the past, which was mostly as a way to tease new episodes of television series like The Daily Show and Inside Amy Schumer.

Comedy Central plans to launch four more Snapchat series

Discover is providing traditional media outlets an avenue to explore the kind of bite-sized programming that's been flourishing in the post-YouTube age, where stars on social networks like Vine and Snapchat have become big brands in the world of viral comedy. Both Snapchat and its media partners make money off ads sandwiched in between Discover stories, and in May Snapchat lowered its rate from more than 10 cents to 2 cents per view, according to Recode. That reduction may have helped cater more advertisers to the platform and boosted the confidence of its partners.

At the very least, Discover is certainly proving a successful branding and marketing activity for Comedy Central. "Creating original series specifically for Snapchat is the perfect next step in the evolution of our content," Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless said in a statement.