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The new Apple TV will finally play games

The new Apple TV will finally play games

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Video games are finally coming to the Apple TV. At an event today, Apple revealed a new version of its set-top box, and for the first time games will be available on the device thanks to a new App Store. The new Apple TV also includes a new remote with a touchpad, and as expected, it also features Wii-like motion controls thanks to a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope.

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Some of the first titles revealed for the device include Crossy Road, Rayman Adventures, Transistor, a mobile version of Guitar Hero Live, Skylanders SuperChargers, Geometry Wars 3, and even the previously console-focused Disney Infinity. Some of the games have new features — in the case of Crossy Road, the Apple TV version will introduce multiplayer play for the first time.

Rock Band studio Harmonix unveiled a new game called Beat Sports which combines the studio's knack for rhythm games with a sports title. It's an exclusive title for the Apple TV, and in addition to using the remote as a game controller, you can also use an iPhone or iPod Touch. It looks a lot like Wii Sports. Developers will be able to create universal apps so that you can pay once for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV version of a game, and cloud saves will also be supported so that you can carry progress over from one device to the next.

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Apple isn't the first company to attempt to turn its set-top box into a tiny game console. When Amazon revealed the Fire TV last year, for example, it was announced alongside a proper game controller. Similarly, the recently launched Nvidia Shield is a gaming device that doubles as a set-top box. Apple teased a bigger focus on gaming last week, with the launch of a new Twitter feed.

While Apple has become a dominant force in mobile gaming thanks to the success of the iPhone and iPad, it will be facing much stiffer competition when it comes to gaming on a TV set. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are already well established, and the latest generation of consoles has been selling briskly — as of March the PlayStation 4 has sold more than 20 million units, while the Xbox One had moved 13 million consoles as of July.

The new, game-equipped Apple TV will be available in October for $149.

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