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Apple and Hermès are teaming up to introduce the Apple Watch Hermès collection

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The company is also introducing new Sport Band colors

Apple is working with luxury brand Hermès to introduce a new Apple Watch collection, the Apple Watch Hermès. The collection includes a custom face that uses Hermès' "traditional iconography" and comes with a choice of three bands: the Single Tour, the Double Tour, and the Cuff. All three bands are made with brown leather, and they can be paired with both sizes of stainless steel Watch case. The collaborative watches will be available beginning October 5th, and they're not going to come cheap: their starting retail price is $1,100 USD.

Apple is also introducing new Sport Bands for the Watch, including a collaboration with Bono's HIV / AIDS charity Product Red. A set of new pastel colors — including shades of red, pink, blue, green, and beige — will join the existing five options of red, blue, green, white, and black. Apple is describing the bands as ranging from "vibrant hues to more neutral tones." Apple also announced new finishes for the Apple Watch Sport alongside the new bands.

Apple Watch Hermes photos

Apple Watch Hermes photos

Apple Watch Hermes photos

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