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The Apple TV can use lots of game controllers, not just the included remote

The Apple TV can use lots of game controllers, not just the included remote

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An updated Apple TV has been treated like a potential console king-slayer by video game analysts and armchair industry enthusiasts. Unlike the handful of cheaply priced, minimally powered Android game consoles that have come and gone over recent years, Apple TV has the support of a billion-dollar company determined to control the flow of media in our living rooms. With today's announcement of said updated Apple TV, we may finally see Apple take a shot at the console video game market, and what will play a key role in its success or failure is the controller.

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Apple TV's new remote includes motion control, akin to the Wii, and a touchpad; looking awfully similar to the iconic Wii remote, it will serve as a basic option out of the box. More invested players will have their choice from third-party controllers, many of which have been on store shelves since 2013. The Apple TV supports MFi-based controllers, including the SteelSeries line. Gauging from the remote's unusual ergonomics, these options may be better suited for traditional games. iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches will also serve as controllers.

Update: September 10th, 5:42PM ET: Indie game designer Rusty Moyher spotted this section in the Apple TV development document that explains that developers will have the option to require players use a full game controller with their apps.

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