Here's how the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus compare to the top Android phones


Apple revealed its next two iPhones today, and, as expected, the biggest updates are all on the inside. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are basically identical to their predecessors, but they're supposed to be faster and are capable of some neat new tricks thanks to their pressure sensitive displays. But those updates don't come without trade-offs. The new iPhones are ever-so-slightly thicker than their predecessors, for instance. Even so, the phones are clear improvements over the 6 and 6 Plus, offering what ought to be a better camera and snappier overall performance.

What's not too surprising is that Apple continues to, generally speaking, ignore the spec race that Android phones have gotten into. How much faster are these phones? Well, we only kinda sorta know. What exactly is their battery capacity? We'll find out later, whenever someone cracks the phone open. Still, there's a lot to glean from looking at how Apple specs out its phones compared to how other top manufacturers do. Apple's displays are great, but they tend to be of a lower resolution. Apple's cameras are great, but they tend to have fewer megapixels. There are good reasons to care about those numbers, and there are good reasons to ignore them, and the iPhone continues to do things differently.

In the chart below, we've put together a look at how the iPhones compare to today's other leading smartphones. Specs certainly don't say everything, but this is what the smartphone battle looks like on paper.

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