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30-second video ads coming soon to Instagram

30-second video ads coming soon to Instagram

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Instagram has announced big changes to its advertising platform, meaning you're likely to soon start seeing longer ads from a broader range of sources. Ads can now be 30 seconds long, up from the regular 15-second limit, and are also able to use landscape photo and video following Instagram's recent lifting of the square format restriction.

Instagram is also opening up ads to more kinds of businesses. Smaller companies will be able to buy space on the network from this month, and ads are now available in countries including Italy, Spain, South Korea, India, and Mexico, with more to come on September 30th.

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On the higher end of the scale, a new "premium product" called Marquee will help "drive mass awareness and expanded reach in a short time-frame" — Instagram says it will be perfect for things like product launches and movie premieres. Video ads only launched on Instagram less than a year ago, but the Facebook acquisition is ready to start making more use of its parent company's powerful ad infrastructure.