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Netflix said to be producing a new series of Black Mirror

Netflix is set to produce "multiple episodes" of British dystopian sci-fi show Black Mirror, according to a report from the UK's RadioTimes. The streaming service already has the rights to the show's back catalog, with previous episodes — including a 2014 Christmas special with Mad Men star Jon Hamm — receiving plaudits from US critics. Each episode is a self-contained story looking at the harms and lures of technology, with the first series (broadcast in the UK in 2011) including an episode about the prime minister being forced to have sex with a pig on live television. To date, only seven episodes have been made.

The deal has not yet been confirmed by either Netflix or Channel 4 (which originally aired the show and is said to have a "first look deal" on new episodes), but Black Mirror would be a perfect fit for the online streaming service. Although it's not a typical binge-watching show, its timely themes and parable-like messages have made it ideal for passing around online as a demonstration of one's awareness about technology. (As The Verge's Josh Dzieza put it, the show has become "shorthand for a certain type of contemporary internet-age creepiness.") According to the RadioTames, Black Mirror's creator, Charlie Brooker, is currently writing scripts for a new series.