Poll: What will be today’s biggest Apple announcement?

September 9th, 2015


Like clockwork, Apple’s tick-tock iPhone schedule is expected to advance today. First Apple releases a new hardware design (iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6) followed a year later by a faster, more feature-rich "S" version of the same device. So it’s no surprise to find the rumor mill confidently predicting a new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus per the trend. But those new flagship phones could be the least interesting announcements today.

A rumored Siri-controlled Apple TV with fanciful new remote could upstage the iPhone and challenge traditional gaming consoles for a coveted spot in the living room. Then there’s the long-rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro with keyboard and Force Touch stylus — a Surface-like hybrid built by Apple to give it a deeper push into businesses.

Of course, Cook and Co could announce anything with the most likely new products detailed in our handy preview. Until then enjoy the anticipation, it’s often sweeter than any product you can actually buy.

What Apple announcement are you most looking forward to?
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Five stories to start your day

  1. Toyota just launched an all-new Prius, and it looks weirder than ever

    The Prius has never looked like a "normal" car, really (with the exception of the first generation, perhaps) — but with the official unveiling this evening in Las Vegas of the all-new 2016 model, Toyota seems to be doubling down on the quirkiness.

  2. Remembering the lost art of the graphics card box

    Modern gaming PCs and components look like sports cars designed by brutalist teenagers. Manufacturers mold them with sharp edges, blue lights, and red racing stripes to make them go faster. The results are huge, hulking edifices that sit in the corner of bedrooms, looking like the obelisk from 2001 if it was designed by a Stanley Kubrick who'd grown up watching the Fast & Furious movies and chugging energy drinks.

  3. Netflix said to be producing a new series of Black Mirror

    The deal has not yet been confirmed by either Netflix or Channel 4 (which originally aired the show and is said to have a "first look deal" on new episodes), but Black Mirror would be a perfect fit for the online streaming service. Although it's not a typical binge-watching show, its timely themes and parable-like messages have made it ideal for passing around online as a demonstration of one's awareness about technology.

  4. Watch a supercut of every Wes Anderson supercut on the internet

    Nero has so much material to pull from because — like Edgar Wright, Stanley Kubrick, and many others before him — Wes Anderson's movies are supercut fodder. His filmmaking style is bloated with purpose and starving for subtlety. Mix that in with the growing ferocity of internet fandom (just look at how many Mad Max: Fury Road parodies have been generated since that movie's release), and it's almost surprising that no one had beaten Nero to this.

  5. This is the Bentley Bentayga, the fastest SUV on the planet

    Bentley has been making a big deal of its entry into the luxury SUV market for some time, and it's finally happening: meet the Bentayga, a 600-horsepower tank of a vehicle that'll hit 60 miles per hour in four seconds flat. The company makes it very, very, very clear that with a top speed of 301 km/h (187mph), the Bentayga is officially the fastest production SUV in the world — but its cousin, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, is just a few clicks behind. Either way, there's no arguing that the Bentley is the more luxurious of the two.

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