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Music snobs will love Spotify’s Found them First tool


Is streaming destroying the music industry? It's hard to say, but Spotify certainly wants to destroy the enjoyment of music with its rampant enabling of music snobs. The company has unveiled a new tool called "Found them First" that lets users find which artists they were listening to before the rest of the world caught on. The webpage scans Spotify users' listening history, and tells them if they were an "early listener" for a breakout artist, defining these as acts that have accumulated more than 20 million total streams as well as a growth rate of at least 2,000 percent between January 2013 and June this year. It's not clear exactly which artists are on the list (FKA Twigs and Lorde are among those featured in the promo images), but Spotify says only the "top 1-15 percent of listeners are considered 'early listeners' and will be able to see this ranking." For the rest of us there's a consolation playlist of the next next big things to help us "get ahead of the pack."