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The Legend movie poster is as ingenious as it is deceptive

Legend is a movie about a pair of notorious London gangsters, twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray. It stars Tom Hardy, who fills the shoes of both brothers, but, according to The Guardian, the film is "a disappointingly shallow take on a fascinating period of time and leaves us sorely uninformed, as if we’ve skim-read a pamphlet." You wouldn't get such a downbeat impression from the Legend poster, however, which features The Guardian's review front and center, squeezing its star rating in between the two brothers' heads. With so little space, and all the four-star reviews nearby, you'd think that The Guardian also rated Legend highly. The other two stars are just behind the Krays' heads, right?

Nope, the two-star review that oh-so-subtly looks like a four-star review is in fact just a two-star review. In all fairness, there's nothing unlawful or strictly improper about this presentation. Hell, it's clever. But is it also misleading and deceptive? Yup!