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Red Apple Watch band appears hours before iPhone 6S event

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No Apple launch would be complete without a leak hours before the keynote begins, and today is no different. We're expecting Apple to unveil some new colors for its Apple Watch bands today, and one appears to have leaked out a little early. Tech blogger Larry Greenberg has shared an image of what appears to be a Product Red version of the Apple Watch Sport band, complete with the distinctive Red branding.

Apple has participated in the Product Red charity program for a number of years, so a new Apple Watch band would simply complement existing red-colored products like iPods, iPhone and iPad cases, and headphones. MacRumors also claims the red sport band and other colors have already started arriving at Apple stores, suggesting that they might be available later today. The packaging for the unannounced red band also suggests it will ship with stainless steel pins. While Apple uses stainless steel pins on the sport bands for the stainless steel Apple Watch, the regular Apple Watch Sport uses aluminum pins. This could be the first colored band to offer stainless steel pins.

Apple is expected to unveil colors beyond red, including orange, yellow, beige, and blue. Apple's iPhone 6S event starts at 10AM PT / 1PM ET today, and you can follow our live blog right here.