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New Apple Watch apps include Facebook Messenger and GoPro

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At today's big event, Apple took time to showcase new, native apps for the Apple Watch. New standouts include Facebook Messenger, which marks Facebook's first effort on Apple's smartwatch, and GoPro. With the latter app, you're able to use Apple Watch as a miniature viewfinder for your GoPro action camera.

Another, medical-focused app called Airstrip demoed some of the new functionality made possible with native app development on Apple Watch. It provides doctors with a close look at patient vitals, and even real-time feeds of heart rate and other measurements. Of course, Apple's key challenge is answering why these wrist apps are more useful or captivating than what you get on a phone. We expect to see many more new apps leveraging watchOS 2 features like third-party complications when the firmware update is released.

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