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Period tracking app Clue will integrate with Apple's Health app in iOS 9

Clue users will finally be able to see their fertility tracking information alongside their other health data


Update: Read the iOS 9 review.

Popular period and fertility app Clue will integrate with HealthKit in iOS 9. That means that Clue users soon be able to push data like body temperature, cervical mucus quality, menstruation, ovulation test results, sexual activity, and spotting to Apple's Health app.

Apple came under fire last year when the company failed to include period tracking in its original Health app release. The Health app was supposed to let iOS users monitor all their health metrics, but Apple somehow managed to overlook menstruation — an important health metric for people who have periods. Now, that's all going to change; iPhone users will finally be able to track menstruation if they wish. And for people who already use Clue, that change means that they'll soon be able to see their period and fertility tracking information alongside their other health and fitness data.


Apple came under fire last year when it overlooked menstruation

"Having fertility and period tracking integrated by Apple goes along with what I've been saying since Clue first launched: that female health is of vital importance to everyday life," says Clue CEO Ida Tin. Having reproductive health tracking built into the iPhone may empower women to start tracking their cycles for the first time, which is good because "reproductive health isn't only about when your period comes or when you have sex," she says. "It's also connected to other elements of health like sleep, weight, and exercise." So it makes sense to be able to see menstrual health mapped along other health data.

At present, Clue has 2 million active users in over 180 countries. The app works on iOSAndroid, and the Apple Watch.

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