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The creator of Rock Band is making the Apple TV's Wii Sports

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The new Apple TV remote supports motion controls, and it looks like Apple is taking a leaf out of Nintendo's book when it comes to teaching new users how to play games on the device. Harmonix, the developers behind Rock Band and the original Guitar Hero, appeared on stage to show off a new game called Beat Sports — and, well, it's pretty much Wii Sports baseball in rhythm game clothing.

Players can swing the Apple TV remote to hit balls in time to music, combining "the joy of hitting balls with the joy of hitting notes," according to Harmonix. The game also supports up to four players using iPhones and iPod touches as extra controllers. It wouldn't be a new motion-controlled gaming platform without a sportsy tech demo to show it off, of course; we'll have to see whether Beat Sports is closer to Wii Sports or Kinect Sports. But for now, Harmonix says its new game "will make you fall in love with the new remote."

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