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Tone-deaf iPad Pro demo photo-edits a smile onto a woman, gets applause

Look, I don't run a billion-dollar company. I don't even run a company. But I have this crazy idea for Apple and Adobe and any other company. If you're going to give a presentation that will be seen all over the world, consult as diverse an audience as you can. You have the money. You have the time.

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Today, Adobe used its portion of the Apple event to demonstrate an impressive suite of apps that allow iPad Pro users to manipulate and layout images and text. But the way they did it was creepy and tone-deaf. They could have manipulated any photo, and they chose a woman's face. With a twist of the finger, the Adobe demonstrator manipulated her relaxed lips into a smile. It was heckling reimagined as art, and it was icky. That the audience applauded for glamour photoshopping didn't help.

Here's a GIF of the moment:

And here's the reaction on Twitter:

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