The pink iPhone is here


The new iPhone has today been unveiled and it looks very much like the old iPhone, except for one variation: the iPhone 6S now also comes in pink. Or rose gold, in Apple parlance. It's still the perfectly chiseled metallic leader of the smartphone world, but now it's wearing a gentler shade of aluminum skin. How are we going to deal with that?

In a world where the best technology is usually dressed up either aggressively or austerely, is there room for a globe-conquering phone dressed like Dwayne Johnson's Tooth Fairy? Well, if Dwayne Johnson can pull off the look, why not the iPhone? Pink is strong. It always has been. It's served the Financial Times for over a century and it's a favored color for business shirts too. Apple used a neon salmon shade on its iPhone 5C and HTC dressed up its One M9 in pink and gold earlier this year, but we've never had the best of the best dressed in pink before. About time that changed.

iphone 6s
iphone 6s

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