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Watch Taylor Swift run away from wolves in the video for 'Out of the Woods'

Watch Taylor Swift run away from wolves in the video for 'Out of the Woods'

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It's a busy New Year's Eve for multi-platinum selling musicians — first Kanye West released his latest song, "Facts," now Taylor Swift has dropped her newest video on YouTube. The video, for "Out of the Woods" — one of the tracks from Swift's 1989 — takes a fairly literal interpretation of the song's subject matter, placing Swift in the middle of some unnaturally tangled woods and tracking her as she tries to get out, chased by a pack of wolves.

Fortunately (spoilers), she does manage to get out of the woods, but finds herself instead on top of a snowy mountain — and she's still being chased by those wolves. Maybe the pack represents Taylor's haters, others in the showbiz industry who aim to take her down by tarnishing her image? Or maybe they're actual wolves, and the song is a sensible ode to the virtues of not getting eaten. As for the song itself, it's got a dash of Enya, with sweeping and breathless choruses and echoey "whoas" marking gaps in the repetitive lyrics. That feeling is compounded by the sweeping landscape shots and computer-generated trees, making the whole thing look a bit like a generic fantasy novel cover come to life.