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Quentin Tarantino sued for 'hundreds of millions of dollars' over Django Unchained

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A pair of filmmakers have launched a lawsuit against Quentin Tarantino, claiming that his 2012 film Django Unchained infringes upon the copyright of their screenplay Freedom. According to a report from The Wrap, Oscar Colvin Jr. and Torrance J. Colvin say they submitted Freedom to a talent agency, with Tarantino initially mentioned as a possible director or producer. The suit claims that the Colvins “provided the heart, bones, and muscles to develop the unique idea that eventually would be transformed into Django Unchained," and that the Pulp Fiction director simply "took the plot lines and main story of Freedom and Tarantino-ized them.”

The suit quotes Tarantino: "I steal from every single movie ever made"

The suit also names The Weinstein Company and Columbia Pictures as defendants, and describes Tarantino as an "admitted thief," quoting the director as having said: "I steal from every single movie ever made." In the case of Django Unchained, Tarantino has already credited several other films as direct inspirations and sources, including Sergio Corbucci’s Django. The Colvins, however, say the final movie has "far more similarities” with Freedom. The suit does not specify an exact figure in terms of damages, but is looking for compensation “in an amount in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars to be proven at trial."