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Start your 2016 off with cats

Start your 2016 off with cats


Improve your Twitter feed, improve your life

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Maybe you just need to regain your #chill online. Maybe you're a cat enthusiast who wants to take it to another level. Maybe you're just hoping the comments on this article are open so you can scroll down and write "Really? It's come to this?" But everyone has left me alone with the keys to the site and so you bet I'm writing about cats.

It's an open secret that certain social networks are really best-used as a repository for pet and baby photos; my entire understanding of Vine and Instagram revolve around not people, but pets. It's a much less aggravating way to deal with social media, actually — even if you are following humans, they're less likely to get on your nerves when there's a buffer zone of cat pictures. I guess this might also work for dog pictures too, if you swing that way.

Anyhow, following some of these accounts will be easier than enacting your New Year's resolutions, that's for sure.

Black Metal Cats @evilbmcats

Yes, those lyrics are from real songs.

かわいい猫ちゃん画像館 @Catpic11

I have no idea what this account is saying, but I definitely understand the pictures.

Cashcats @catsandmoney

Cashcats is a classic, and for good reason: watching cats roll around in money never gets old.

Katzen @HourlyCats

Catbot, all killer and no filler. The future is cat automation. All hail our cat machines.