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Golden Globes 2016: Kate Winslet wins best supporting actress for Steve Jobs

The Golden Globes kicked off tonight (after Ricky Gervais slammed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association) with Kate Winslet winning the first award of the night: best supporting actress in a dramatic film for her role in Steve Jobs. Winslet saluted the previous year as having been a seminal year for the portrayal of women in film, before diving into thanks for her colleagues and collaborators. Calling Michael Fassbender "a legend," she described how everyone on the film would watch his performance as the Apple co-founder. (Fassbender slyly smiled, likely before thinking to himself how sad he was that he would next be seen in Assassin's Creed.) Winslet then turned to writer Aaron Sorkin, basically calling him wonderfully insane for writing a film that would require actors to recite such lengthly stretches of walk n' talk dialogue — instead of all the other reasons people usually call Sorkin insane.

In Jobs, Winslet portrayed Joanna Hoffman, who in real life was an Apple marketing executive. In Sorkin's take on the world, Hoffman instead basically served as a stand-in for Jobs conscience, showing up in every sequence to steer him in the right direction. Despite having tanked at the box-office, Steve Jobs earned four Golden Globe nominations, with Sorkin also winning the award for Best Screenplay. Fassbender, Sorkin, and Winslet are all considered likely candidates when Oscar nominations are announced later this week.